Since the founding of CHAPEL HILL, our goal has been to offer a product of great beauty and functional utility that is designed and built to last. We believe that longevity is perhaps the most important element of sustainability. There is no product on the market more solidly constructed from more long-lasting and hardwearing materials.

We use a high percentage of FSC-certified woods in our products and a high percentage of rapidly renewable materials. Our base and upper units are constructed from NAUF-certified panels.


Sustainability has become a buzzword; one that is often abused. But it is an undeniably important principle that has value for all of us.


At CHAPEL HILL we want to improve our knowledge of environmental needs.  We pledge to use products produced from rapidly renewable resources and processes. As a business we are committed to improve environmental impact and awareness.


Signature Cabinetry

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CHAPEL HILL Signature Cabinetry - A leader in the design and manufacturing of premium custom cabinetry for your home or commercial needs.  
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